woensdag 10 november 2010

Postcard Addiction

Since I got a lot of postcards from my mother a few weeks ago, my postcard addiction seems to have become even worse. Or better, it started earlier that day, when I opened my second Postcrossing account. I know, it is better to have only one account, but the postcards I sent with my first one were on their way for so long already, and I simply longed to send postcards!

Off course, as you will always see, in the days after that many of my postcards were received at the same time. So the 'free' postcards I got came in very, very handy. Meanwhile I heard when I came home: 'Honey, there were postcards for you AGAIN!' Today I promised myself to stop writing that many cards. I'll put my second account on inactive. The cards I have to send become too many, I have reached the top of my budget.

For a couple of weeks I've had the luxury of two postcrossing accounts. With pain in my heart I will have to part with one of them. I will cry some silent tears this evening.

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