vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Counting the Ages

Some say that time goes faster when one grows older. Perhaps I can use that as a reason that it has been almost a whole month since I have been seen on my weblog!

Meanwhile it is my birthday tomorrow. I will turn 26, exactly a month after one of my teachers achieved the same age. I remember last year, when I found out that she was only one month older than I am, and another teacher even some months younger - I felt terribly old! Anyway, off course I could stop my horror by thinking about how very old my boyfriend would become a few months later. Really, it helps.

Could it also be age that I feel so tired? With a big yawn I wish to be in bed right now. Oh, wait, it was half past 6 this morning, and I am still not completely well after new-years-eve. So... I do not have to worry about that yet.

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