zondag 26 september 2010

Letter to Clarissa

Dear Clarissa,

Yesterday I have been to the 'lappenmarkt' in Utrecht with my sister and mother. In the morning it was a fine day indeed, however, it was rather cold, and later it has rained several times. Off course I had forgotten my coat, so I was soaking wet when I came home. The pieces of cloth I bought are very nice. I will use the pink ones to make cushions for my fiancé's house, then it will look a little more comfortable. I'm not sure what to make with the rest of it yet, I would like to make a nice purse which I saw on the internet last friday. I am not sure about that yet, for I cannot sew very well on the sewing machine, and am not sure if it might be too difficult for the moment. Perhaps I should start to practise with something more easy.

Yours faithfully,


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