dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining, at least, it was before it got dark. This morning the alarmclock went off early again, on my free day! I had to be ad the GP early, because I have had many headaches the last months. And since I was not at home, I had to go early to be there in time.

After being at home for some hours, while I could do many things I had to or wanted to do for a long time, Rob and I went to my granddad. My grandmother was gone, to buy some presents for my cousin who will be nine years old next Friday, and for my aunt who will be old tomorrow. (When she'd perhaps read it, Didi, I wish you a happy birthday!)

Off course we've been at Rob's for some time now, and we've dined with... pancakes! Dad, that was not on purpose, and they were not as delicious as yours the day before yesterday. But still, I really like pancakes. I shall have to make Rob cook a real dinner tomorrow.

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