woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Stupid Things of a Chaotic Mind

Yes dear readers, this morning the worst happened to me what can ever be produced by a chaotic mind: forgetfulness. And then so much forgetfulness, that I forgot something aweful.
This afternoon I have to make a newscast with some classmates. So I went to school with, off course, my camera. A nice camera, which has costed me almost 300 euros - one I cannot buy now, with my students' fee.
As you might already have seen coming: I was there, in the bus, and had to get into another bus. Off course I took my bag, and... went out of the bus, and to school.
But, wait, my camera. It did not fit into my bag. Where is it? Off course: in the bus. So there is my camera, all on its own, and there am I, with a big problem.

A little point of light is, that I could get a camera at school for this project. I should have remembered that before I went from home. I should not have forgotten mine. At least the project can go on, but now I am on a huge quest to find my camera. Which will be a problem after all.

So after telling my story, I will go on with my crying, while I try to get my camera back. To be continued...

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