vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Postcard Problems

It is a really great thing to do: sending postcards all over the world. And the greatest thing still is when they arrive, and someone sends a postcard back to you. However, the postcard must arrive for that, and that is where the problems come in. The case is: post takes it slow nowadays. They have decided that slow is fashion, and they have to come along with fashion somehow. First there was slow food, now there is slow post.

Off course, some of it is due to the TNT-problems in our own country. That cannot be the only problem: it seems to be Europe-wide. A simple postcard to Germany takes twice the amount to travel than it normally does. The same goes for other European countries. The strange thing is: the same postcard sent to the USA or even Japan arrives sooner than a card to Germany or Spain!

I would say: thank you for bringing my postcards towards all ends of the world that fast. But do not forget the postcards closer to home, those people are waiting for their postcards as well!

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