dinsdag 5 oktober 2010


And yes, there went another card. My addiction of sending and receiving postcards keeps increasing. As a child I already collected all birthday-cards I got in a big, old, leather schoolbag. In addition to that, my great-aunt often sent each of us in the family cards with Christmas, birthdays, and in my memory just very often. We always loved to get mail from her.
While writing my last postcrossing card, I remembered this. I had decided to write why I got addicted to Postcrossing, and I realized that it all started here, with my postcard-loving great-aunt. Oh, now I miss her, with her vintage cards, self-made cards, and her beautiful handwriting all over them.
When I came across an article about Postcrossing last year, it feeled like the perfect idea to fill my postcard-gap. The whole idea is: you send cards to addresses and profiles, generated by the site for you. Others get your address generated and send you a card, as soon as you have sent one. So you receive as many cards as you like.
One warning: when you begin it, it is very addictive!

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How nice to see that you have a nice hobby!