woensdag 2 februari 2011

Another Day...

Early this morning my day started. I slept another few hours (okay mom, I admit, I slept until 10 0'clock, but Rob did as wel!) and took a shower. So far so good. Then I wrote some postcards for postcrossing, I checked my email, read the newspaper... And before I even knew, it was time to go! So I ran to the bus stop, and even forgot to take the postcards with me and post them. So I have to do that tomorrow.

In the train, I lost my classmate. Well, I did not actually lose her, but we would travel together, and she was not in the train where I expected her to be. I did find her, a little further in the train - so she made it, yay!

This evening I had a wonderful dinner. My boyfriend made it, with ham, vegetables and Turkish bread. Yummy! And I learned that hatters in the time of Lewis Caroll became mad because they used quicksilver to make high hats. That's where the 'Mad Hatter' in his book Alice in Wonderland came from.

Oh, one more thing. I de-facebooked today. So anyone trying to find me there, I'm gone! Lost! Nevermore! Mwoehahahaha!

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