vrijdag 6 mei 2011

On My Mind: New Glasses

Today I'm going to look for new glasses. I've those for almost 2 years now, and that means that I can buy new and claim the costs at my health insurance. At least, I can claim one pair of glasses from a cheap optician, or 100 euro's when I go to a more expensive one. Now I'm fully content with the cheap one, I always got nice glasses there, and they have a good service. So I do not mind to go there.
Meanwhile I'll go to the store to get douchegel with discount, and I'll post two more chaincards.
Tonight we will eat with friends, and then I can explain the chaincards to her. She started too, but doesn't know exactly how it works yet. Great, I made another addict! Ghehe

Thanks, Rhonda at down-to-earth, for sharing this On My Mind concept. Anything on your mind? Share your link here or on down-to-earth.

2 opmerkingen:

wendie zei

I like the glasses you have in the pic! What are chaincards?

Becky zei

Here's to you finding some lovely new glasses and the cards are beautiful; I love animals!